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What can I do for you?

  • Technology Consulting
    "Think business not technology" is my motto when analyzing your project, in order to guide you toward the appropriate technical solution that will fit your business objectives. Our common goal is to make your business productive : you bring your business knowledge and I bring my technical expertise.

  • Software Engineering
    Whether you need someone to design and architect your whole Internet infrastructure or need specific expertise to develop a new component to your existing application, my 20+ years experience in software engineering will benefit you.
    - Architecture design
    - Software and component design and development
    - Data modeling
    - Data analysis
    - Project management
    - Systems administration

  • Technical Audit
    This service can be of interest either to investors about to put money in a startup who need a technical due diligence, or to a business wanting an external eye to detect weak points in their IT choices and make recommendations.

  • Interim CTO
    You have this great idea, want to create a new startup and need a technical expert to get the project started immediately and bring your company to a first level. Or at a later stage, you might have reached a point where you struggle with the growth of the company and need temporary assistance to make the business successful.
    Recruiting a full-time CTO is a very long process. I can do much more than just 'fill the gap' and will help you jump and reach that next step.

Expertise and Skills

My 20+ years experience in software development and web site architecture, including 8 years as CTO of two Internet startups, have allowed me to tackle very diverse situations and work with many different technologies.

My expertise focusses on building modular and scalable high traffic solutions. This includes :

  • Design the best web site architecture based on thorough analysis of the business objectives and research of the appropriate solution.
  • Use 3-tier approach to separate presentation, business and data layers.
  • Setup and configure the recommended hardware and software (Open Source/Linux based or Microsoft based).
  • Design and develop the business tier or backend software components or applications.
  • Data modeling.
  • Data management.
  • Project management (Fan of lean / extreme programming principles & bringing immediate ROI on every task).

Programming Languages, Scripting, Component Technologies

Object Oriented development, C++, C#, Java, .NET, VB - VB.Net - VB Script - ASP, PHP, PostScript, XML - DTD - XML Schemas.

Database Systems

SQL (10 yrs+), Microsoft SQL Server (10 yrs), MySQL.

Web Servers, Web development platforms

IIS, Apache, Vignette Story Server, Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition.

Financial Accounting Systems

SAGE (Ex. BEST Software) MAS500

How can we work together ?

I am a freelance consultant, registered in France, who can do consulting and development work for companies in France or abroad. For French customers I can work on-site or off-site. Very autonomous, I am used at working on projects from a distance. Thus, if this your preference, I can work on your projects from my home office, meeting with your team at regular intervals. This is how I typically proceed when working for non-French customers.