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Here are some kind words from former partners who've appreciated working with me. For further references, I can put you in touch with these persons upon request.

«Erik combines outstanding technical capabilities, a structured problem solving approach, 'hands-on' & 'get it done' attitude with a very pleasant personality. Erik clearly delivered business value to our organization. I enjoyed working with Erik and look forward to doing so in the near future»
Alex Schowtka, CIO Vistaprint

«Erik was key to the success of MultiMania : he dedicated 4 years of his life to turn a project into one of the most successful French startups. He was our technology expert, and was extremely efficient in managing all the technical aspects of the company. MultiMania went through many different phases, but Erik always managed to adapt and meet the challenge. For example, in 1998, when MultiMania changed from a web services company to a large community portal : in the span of 2 months Erik managed to transfer all of our in-progress projects to a third party and learn new open source technologies (MySQL, PHP, Apache) to succesfully launch our portal on schedule!»
Michel Meyer, CEO MultiMania, MD Lycos France

«You need to have alot of confidence to be able to delegate major technology decisions and responsibility, and Erik quickly earned that confidence at Vistaprint. In addition to bringing excellent technical capabilities, he has a great work ethic, integrity and tenacous problem solving skills. Vistaprint employs a large number of very highly qualified and experienced engineers, and our expectations are high. Despite this "peer competition" Erik was consistently the number one performer on our technology team. I strongly recommend him to you»
Robert Keane, CEO Vistaprint

«Vistaprint was looking for a technical expert to develop its online activity, Erik Robertson perfectly fit the role. Beyond the quality of the resulting work, I have mostly appreciated his human aspects, interpersonal skills and his great flexibility needed in a startup environment. He knew how to motivate French and American co-workers, while building a strong team spirit. Above all, Erik has a personal standard for excellence and meets his responsabilities, he will be an asset to any organization»
Patrick Mataix, Senior VP & MD Europe Vistaprint