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1994-1999 Co-founder and CTO of MultiMania
1999-2001 Co-founder and CTO of VistaPrint

Freelance consultant specialized in building and managing scalable high volume Internet sites, offering multiple services :

Fully bilingual French and English, I have worked for several startups in France and in the USA (Silicon Valley & Boston). I am based in Sainte Maxime (France).

I am comfortable working with Microsoft technologies (.NET, SQL Server, IIS, ASP), object oriented programming (Java, C++, .NET), as well as open source technologies (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL). My technical focus is on backend technologies, data management and analysis, and architecture at large.

It's those technical skills associated to my "Think business not technology" approach that allows me to offer a unique value proposition.

For further information, learn more about my professional experience and go through my resume, and get a better idea of what services I can offer.

Please check my references, and contact me in order to discuss your projects together.