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Started young... At the age of 10, I started playing around with computers and immediately started programming. Since then I've developed a passion for computers and it has become my profession.

Grew up in France and left for Silicon Valley... After obtaining my masters degree in France, I started working as a software developer in a startup based in Silicon Valley. There, I not only put my technical skills in practice but also learnt a lot about starting and developing a business since I was the first employee of the company along with the founders.

Founder and CTO of MultiMania... A few years later, in 1994, with the early explosion of the World Wide Web in the United States, along with 2 friends we started investigating ideas on several web projects. This investigation turned into the founding of one of the very first Internet startups in France : MultiMania. Back in France, I took the lead of the technical team, and over time grew it to a dozen engineers. At the head of this team, I was juggling around with multiple activities : designing and developing new web sites, maintaining existing ones, managing all hardware for internal usage and web site operations, as well as running the company with the 4 other cofounders and managers. Over the years MultiMania grew from a small web content creation and services company into the largest community portal in France. The company's IPO took place in march 2000 and was a huge success. Early 2001, MultiMania was acquired by Lycos Europe.

CTO of Vistaprint... In 1999, after 4 very intensive years starting and building up MultiMania, I decided to take a few months break, but that only lasted a few weeks when I met Robert Keane, the founder of Vistaprint. He had recently decided to expand his brick and mortar printing material business into an online printing service, and was looking for his CTO to build this online activity. I accepted the challenge and spent the next 2 years between Paris, Boston, and Sophia Antipolis building the whole e-business infrastructure, along with the technical team I recruited. We were 2 managers and 15 engineers. The site was first launched in May 2000 and allows customers to design and order personalized printed material (business cards, letterhead, etc.) through the Web. The whole production chain is fully automated from the user's design and order all the way to printing and shipping out the order allowing us to keep costs very low. Vistaprint's IPO took place in 2005 (NASDAQ:VPRT), and is among the fastest growing e-commerce web sites.

Broad knowledge... Although I have specialized over the years in Internet related software technologies, my keen interest in computing at large for the past 30 years has allowed me to build a very extensive knowledge over all aspects of computer technology.

Values of life... With the birth of my baby girl in January 2001, I decided to focus on this new 'startup' for several months and dedicated all my time to my daughter. This has been an amazing experience which has transformed my view on life and helped in defining new values.

Freelancing... Since 2001, I've decided to start a new lifestyle and offering my experience and expertise to companies in need of my services. This has allowed me to work on a variety of projects accross multiple customers.